Gold Era 24K Moisturizing Cream

Gold Era 24K Moisturizing Cream


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The luxurious Gold Era 24K Moisturizing Cream works to provide your skin with intense hydration, promoting an ageless appearance accompanied by a radiant glow. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and a herbal infusion of lavender, eucalyptus and olive leaf extracts, this rich formula aims to deliver a triple effect by moisturizing, soothing and refreshing the skin all in one go. Infused with grape seed oil and nutrient-rich vitamin E that offers natural antioxidant benefits to help combat free radicals, the 24K Moisturizing Cream provides the ultimate everyday hydrating experience to achieve a youthfully glowing appearance.


How to use:

Apply a small amount to dry and cleansed facial skin, and gently massage until fully absorbed.